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Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation.”
by: John F Kennedy

Why work for CRT?

At Critical Resource Technology, people are our most important asset. This is not just words with us, but is the core fundamental that drives how we do business every day. We have attracted the best people in the industry with state of the art technical and people skills. Our team is unsurpassed in the industry, and our consultants stay with us year after year, and project after project. Our turnover rate is extremely low because we are an employee-driven, cutting-edge company. We analyze the I/T market, determine the hottest technologies, and get the best training available. We are selective in the selection of our employees and our reputation has been the basis for the majority of our contracts.


CRT Education Program

Technology seems to progress at the speed of light. We feel that it is essential that our employees are technically up to date. CRT offers several services to its employees to encourage the continuance of education. We will reimburse the certification fees for any tests taken in a technology relevant to the job performed.

Java Certification - Critical Resource TechnologyMicrosoft .NET Certification Critical Resource TechnologyRFIC Certified Developers - Critical Resource Technology

Questions & Answers

Q. Why makes CRT different from other IT consulting firms?
A. Most IT consulting firms simply act as the broker between resources and clients. CRT retains a staff of highly experienced consultants that have proven their mettle as experts. When we procure new talent, we usually require several of our staff consultants to perform a panel interview.

Q. Why would I want to work for CRT?
A. Those who work for CRT feel that we are family. We measure our success by the satisfaction of our clients and employees. We often consult with our staff and take corrective action to ensure that needs are being met.

Q. How well do you pay?
A. As with any team working on an IT project with a client, the pay is based on what the client is willing to pay. CRT has exceptionally low overhead costs and therefore does not need to have a "huge hand in the pot". Our employees will testify that they are paid higher with CRT than with any other firm (hourly or salaried).

Q. How much vacation do you offer?
A. As a W2 employee, you can negotiate how much vacation time you wish to have. Some of our employees have families that live overseas. We can arrange to schedule several weeks off/year as long as the client is in agreement.

Q. Do you provide "career development"?
A. Absolutely. We provide and encourage training opportunities and will reimburse you for any relevant certifications. We also increase our value to the client by encouraging knowledge sharing amongst employees. Many of our projects implement cutting edge technologies. We encourage our employees to utilize the minds of their employees to learn new skills and improve their marketability.

Q. Do you provide Health Insurance, disability, and a retirement plan?
A. We do offer health insurance for consultants residing in New York.

New Employee Documents

All new employees of CRT will need to fill out several forms. You will also need to determine which Health Plan best suits you. All of the forms are provided here for your convenience.

Employee Docs